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We are excited to announce that Manhattan Language is open with enhanced safety measures. As we welcome our students and staff to our school, we want to assure everyone that your safety and health are our top priority. We are committed to providing a learning environment in which everyone feels cared for and protected. We have initiated an action plan following the requirements of New York City and New York State for safely opening and operating a higher education institution.


Here are some of the safety measures we have put in place:

  • All Manhattan Language staff is fully vaccinated, as it is 70% of our student population.
  • We are helping and providing support to new students that want to get vaccinated.
  • Everyone who enters the building and the school space must wear a mask at all times. A Manhattan Language masks are provided if needed.
  • We only utilize our large classrooms so that we can maintain adequate social distance in our classes. Class size is limited to 5-9 students so that this can be achieved. Signs on floor and walls indicate proper distancing.
  • Protocols for hand washing and hand sanitizer use are in place.
  • All areas, equipment and all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized continually throughout the day.
  • Class session times are staggered to ensure that no more 40 people are in the school space at one time.  To avoid having to use buses and subways during peak times, our classes will be scheduled to begin and end at off peak travel times.
  • Signage reminding students and staff of social distancing and sanitization are all around.
  • Students, staff, and visitors must complete online health screening forms prior to coming to class and temperature checks are conducted regularly.

Our beautiful building at 26 Broadway has also instituted procedures to make sure we all are protected and safe:

  • Hand sanitizing dispensers are in the elevator banks on the lobby level.
  • The lobby and all public areas are cleaned and disinfected continuously throughout the day and evening shifts.
  • Plastic sneeze guards were installed at the lobby desk for additional protection and we are relying on phone and email contact and avoiding face to face contact.
  • A max of 4 passengers in elevator (masks required). 


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