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저희 학원의 궁극적 목표는 학생들이 뉴욕 전통 문화에 적응할 수 있도록 친근한 학습 환경을 지원하고, 합리적 가격으로 다가가기 쉬우면서도 집약적인 영어 교육을 제공하는데 있습니다.

저희의 고객은 학문 연구, 향상된 전문성, 개인적인 지식 추구 등을 이유로 영어 실력을 발전시키기 위해 이곳에 오신 각국의 학생, 전문가, 여행자 분들입니다. 저희 교육의 질과 우수성이 여러분의 기대치를 훨씬 뛰어넘을 수 있기를 기대합니다.

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What Our Students Say

Joy (Taiwan)

Joy (Taiwan)

“The teachers put a lot of effort to keep students engaged when learning. Not only English, but also about the culture and New York City. I'm so glad that I had taken their classes before I entered my University at NYU.”

Galo (Ecuador)

Galo (Ecuador)

“I had a great time at Manhattan Language. Bonita is the Director and she knows and looks after all the students. There are many options including classes of Business English or English Through Film. All the teachers are excellent!”

Katarina (Ukraine)

Katarina (Ukraine)

“The method of teaching, the professionalism of teachers, administrators' skills - it was very well organized. The best for me was business English - very effective. I could also see the Statue of Liberty from my classroom. =)”

Yulia (Israel)

Yulia (Israel)

“I checked a couple different schools and was very happy that I choose this one! The atmosphere in the school is great, the staff here is AMAZING! Most importantly, the teachers here are the best. They're professional and passionate.”

Ivan (Germany)

Ivan (Germany)

“I had a very good experience at ML. I think that the teaching at ML is very effective in all segments of English. There are very nice staff and very nice students at this school. I made new friends from all over the world!”

Verena (Italy)

Verena (Italy)

“All the people working there are highly professional. It starts with a personal talk and written test where your level is checked. During your first week, you can try different options. It helps you find the perfect classes for you.”

Ryota (Japan)

Ryota (Japan)

“There is no doubt that Manhattan Language is one of the best language schools in NY. Everything is high quality - good atmosphere, enthusiastic teachers, and amazing environment. I strongly recommend this school.”

Business English

WallStreet web2

About the Business English Elective

In the Business English Elective class, students learn to function effectively in an English work environment. The class will cover a range of core business communication skills that include:

  • Networking
  • Negotiation
  • Telephoning
  • Managing Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Business Writing

Each week, the class introduces new vocabulary and commonly used business idioms and expressions that cover a wide range of business topics such as Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Management, and Finance. Students participate in real problem solving activities to practice their business English communication skills. There is also class time to review specific problem areas in grammar and speaking that relate to these activities. The goal is to make students feel more comfortable and more confident working in an English speaking environment.

Small group classes and one-to-one programs of Business English are offered. 

*The classes are generally designed for the Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels.

A placement exam will be administered to all students interested in taking the class.

 AnthonyHeti web2

About the Teacher

AnthonyHeadshot webAnthony Jackson

“The skills I teach in my Business English classes have helped hundreds of students pursue their personal and professional goals more effectively. In my 15 years of teaching experience, this is the one accomplishment I am most proud of because I know that my students have benefited directly from the knowledge and experience I bring to the classroom. As a former business analyst at major international financial firms on Wall Street, I understand the challenges of the workplace and how important it is to have a global perspective. Also, having both an MBA and a professional teaching degree allows me to pass on insights to my students while creating a classroom environment where students learn to help themselves as they work to improve their communication skills.

Although I left the business world to pursue my passion for teaching, I continue to work closely with business professionals as a private consultant. In this way, I continue to learn more about the realities workers face in the international business environment today. This provides me with valuable information that I can pass on to my students to help them in their career goals.”


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The Business English Elective Classes at Manhattan Language have helped hundreds of students pursue their personal and professional goals.

Click here to read Testimonials and Success Stories of our Former Business English Students

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