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DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS is a new and exciting addition to the Manhattan Language English training method. DISCOVER NYC are English lessons that take place every Friday outside of the classroom at popular New York landmarks. At DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS, students practice their English with other students and a member of the staff in real life environments while they familiarize with authentic New York culture.

Attend your lessons in the classroom from Monday to Thursday at our beautiful school in the Wall Street area, and practice what you have learned during the week and immerse in New York culture on Fridays with DISCOVER NYC!


Learn more about DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS:

Yes, every Friday unless a federal holiday falls on Friday. In that case, the school would be closed and there won’t be DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS that day.

Is DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS mandatory for all students?
No, DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS is optional for every student attending a program at Manhattan Language. Participation in DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS won’t affect the attendance of the students.

Is DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS exclusive for one program or type of student?
No, DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS is available for all students attending a program at Manhattan Language, regardless of their specific program or visa status.

Does DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS mean that the students now have less lessons inside the classroom than before?
No, the number of lessons included in all Manhattan Language programs are the same as before. The only difference is that the lessons now have been condensed in 4 days (Monday to Thursday) so students have the option of attending DISCOVER NYC on Fridays.

Will DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS affect the popular Manhattan Language Activity Program in any way?
No, the rich and varied Manhattan Language Activity program will remain as usual. Students will still be able to participate in fun activities and events after class almost every day including the weekends.

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What’s the schedule of DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS?
The actual schedule of DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS will vary depending on the location and the nature of the event. It will always take place at regular lesson hours (9am to 4pm), and the duration will always be around 2-3 hours.

Is there any cost for participating in DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS?
The cost of DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS is included in the tuition price. DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS will take place in location or venues that either don’t require any cost or it implies a little cost for access. Said that, if the student wants a grab a coffee or a drink while attending DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS, that would be on him or her!

OK, DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS doesn’t have a cost associated, but what about transportation to get to the place?
At Manhattan Language we’ll make sure that the cost of transportation for attending DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS won’t be higher than the regular cost associated for getting to the school every day. 

What happens if there’s bad weather?
If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll schedule a DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS lesson inside of one of the popular New York landmarks. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in New York City!

Will always be a teacher or staff member present during DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS lessons?
Yes, DISCOVER NYC FRIDAYS will always be led by a teacher or a staff member.


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